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ICTT is proud to be associated with some of the leading security trainers in the world. They are all experts in their chosen fields, and will ensure you recieve the best possible training.

About Our Founder

Noel G Whelan

ICTT Founder Noel Whelan has been working, training and educating internationally in the field of anti and counter-terrorism for the past 25 years. He is a retired former member of a counterterrorism training wing, known only as DG1.

He has been delivering education and training to International Police, Armed Forces, and Private Security Personnel including international organizations from both public and private sectors. His work has taken him through Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, United States, Ecuador, Egypt, Poland, Bulgaria, Turkey, Greece, Italy and many more places in connection with his duties. He gives his clients a leading edge in preventing and countering the phenomenon that is International Terrorism to make the world a safer place.


Noel provides bespoke solutions, advice and services to:


  • Governments
  • Government agencies
  • Large corporations
  • SMEs via/with existing trusted advisors
  • Start-up technologists and capital providers
  • Cyber-crime fighters
  • Piracy-crime fighters

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